Accomodation and Security


Pbi2 is one of the largest on-the-ground providers of life support and mobile and static security in Somalia. Fully registered and FAR compliant, and supported by a strong network of Somali elders from multiple clans and sub-clans throughout the country, Pbi2 has an incident-free track record of delivering customized service and products to various donors, UN/AMISOM, NGOs, private contractors and consultants, and the international media. Our unmatched experience, skill sets, and nearly a decade of on-the- ground presence in Somalia provide highly reliable, yet flexible solutions that are responsive to mission needs and scaled to suit any dynamic program.


  • Low profile, secure movement escorts anywhere in Mogadishu and beyond (with B6-level armoured vehicles and International Close Protection Officers for each client)
  • On-site project management
  • Risk management and tracking
  • Local HR vetting and relationship maintenance with Somali officials / key elders, leaders from all majority & minority clans




  • On-the-ground presence in Somalia since 2009
  • The first PSC outside the MIA to be ISO 18788 / PSC. 1 / ISO 9001 certified FOR SOMALIA
  • Nearly 10,000 escort mission completed within Mogadishu and throughout the surrounding areas without incident
  • Fully compliant with USG Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)
  • Offers the only mixed-clan, professionally and medically-trained Local National security teams in Mogadishu


Pbi2 is qualified and eligible to receive any and all awards under all applicable laws and regulations. Neither Pbi2 nor its Corporate Officers have ever been included in any lists maintained by the U.S. or U.K. governments of entities debarred, suspended, or excluded from awards and funding.


Aran Villa


Pbi2 operates from the ARAN VILLA, a boutique hotel located just outside the perimeter of Mogadishu International Airport.


  • Equipped with an on-site Class II medical clinic staffed by a licensed doctor on duty 24/7
  • Conference facilities and a fully-equipped gym for guests
  • Professional chefs recruited from international hotels
  • Office rentals


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