Code of Conduct


All Pbi2 representatives and consultants must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, abide by and support all human rights principles, and are prohibited from engaging in any actions that would reflect negatively on Pbi2 and/or its clientele, including without limitation, the following:


• Understand and follow the laws and regulations governing our business

• Be honest, open, fair and trustworthy in all activities and relationships

• Avoid conflicts of interest

• Protect the Company’s corporate assets

• Foster a safe, healthy and productive workplace

• Maintain accountability at all levels of the organization


Pbi2’s Code of Ethics includes elements to measure and assess performance against the Code, and includes continuous improvement guidelines by Management to:


• Pursue his or her duties with zeal and diligence while maintaining the highest degree of professionalism and avoiding all unethical practices

• Faithfully adhere to and abide by Pbi2’s or client company’s policies, objectives and guidelines

• Comply with all applicable laws

• Accurately disclose all relevant information, including the identity of the professional and his or her organization, prior to all interviews

• Fully respect all requests for confidentiality

• Promote and encourage full compliance with these ethical standards within Pbi2, and third party contractors


Approved by the Board of Directors, January 2014

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