Complaints Policy


Pbi2  is  committed  to  being  socially  and  legally  sensitive  to  the  laws  and compliant with the ICoCA code of ethics. As such it is our policy to protect its personnel from any repercussions for the reporting of any acts or omissions that violate the principles of the code of ethics or are in violation of national laws or regulations of the nation in which they are operating.  This will include shielding them from unwarranted or otherwise inappropriate disciplinary measures.


Reporting of such incidents can be done through the chain of management, and if the incident or potential violation involves the management, then the next level of management can receive the report without notification to the offending party. If desired, reporting can be directly done to the Managing Director.


Individuals outside of Pbi2 corporate structure may notify the Managing Director by writing to Reporting parties will be notified of receipt of the grievance, the investigation process and the outcomes/remedy actions taken.


All records  of  the  grievance  report,  investigation  documentation  and  actions taken will be maintained for a minimum of seven (7) years and made readily available to any certification or national government official upon receipt of a written request.

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