Statement of Conformance


Pbi2 operates in an unstable environment where governance and the rule of law have been undermined by disaster and conflict. We respect the community in which we operate; the clients we support; and the people we employ. Pbi2 has implemented an auditable management system which meets the criteria set out in ISO 18788, ANSI PSCI and ISO 9001 and demonstrate our commitment to conformity towards the principles of the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service providers; is consistent with respect to Human Rights; applicable to International Humanitarian Law; Legal and Regulatory compliance and Somalian Laws and Regulations. This statement of Conformance shall be amended to state compliance with the regulations of any additional nations for which PBi2 establishes business relationships.


The Pbi2 Management System brings together all company policies and procedures which support our delivery of services to our clients. The Management System has been endorsed by our Senior Management team, reviewed at board level, and is applicable to all our services within the scope. Senior Management is responsible for ensuring this Management System is communicated to all internal and external stakeholders.


Quality Policy


The management and staff of Pbi2 pledge our personal commitment to understand, meet, and, whenever possible, exceed our client requirements through the continuous improvement of our services.


We are dedicated to protecting our established reputation as one of the most professional, reliable, and transparent service providers across all business sectors, and offering quality services at the most competitive cost possible.


Our quality policy statement focuses on the following:


  • Regularly monitor satisfaction levels with our clients, subcontractors, associates and staff to ensure the company is meeting all quality needs and expectations.
  • Commit the necessary resources for the implementation of the quality management system and to identify and anticipate future needs.
  • Constantly reassess the effectiveness of the quality management system through regular internal audits and surveys proactively adjust and adapt to changing needs of clients and staff.
  • Ensure the most current quality management system is communicated, implemented, and maintained through the company.
  • Ensure the quality management system always meets company, client, and regulatory requirements.

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