Project Management


Pbi2ʼs Project Management service is a blend of project, logistics, and at time expeditionary, management disciplines, often in the form of projects delivering knowledge-facilitated solutions. Pbi2 manages all projects by combining expertise within our Prince2 Project Management framework, ensuring consistent and successful results.


Pbi2ʼs strength in project managing lies in integrating solutions -- strong project delivery interwoven with procurement, intelligence, due diligence staff and intermediary support. This approach allows Pbi2 to remain focused on the clientʼs objectives throughout the life span of the project.


Examples of Project Management Undertaken by Pbi2:


• Managed a complex construction project in the Gulf. Pbi2, working as prime among four sub-contractors, facilitated all strategic management for timelines, material delivery, budgetary and specialist activities. The clientʼs project was delivered on-time and on-budget.

• Contracted to coordinate the building of a pre-fabricated site in South Sudan, which required regulatory and political agreements and procurement expertise. Pbi2 provided an around-the-clock management team, facilitating the completion of the project on-time and on-budget.

• Contracted by a client and their insurance company to facilitate critical dialogues with indigenous groups in the Horn of Africa. Pbi2 deployed a team in a harsh, hostile environment to achieve the desired commercial outcome.


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